Our Story. As told by Kyle. 
The happy couple’s story begins as any classic love story often does ... at a Valentine’s Day keggar! Kyle was invited to the party by an 'old friend' and decided to attend with a group of his closest buddies. As soon as he arrived Kyle attracted the eye of the cutest girl at the party, a red-head named Patty. Patty and Kyle were inseparable after "hello." The two could be seen laughing at all of Kyle’s witty jokes, dancing to Patty’s favorite party tunes and maybe even kissing? No…not on the first date!

Kyle was clearly struck by cupid's arrow and continued to court Patty at the finest Grand Rapids establishments. Rumor has it, Patty was too and called her Aunt Kay the next morning to say she met her future husband and prince. A few of the finer moments of the courtship included a hockey game, a movie night and even bowling at The Clique! However, a young and foolish Kyle was not ready to commit to a smart, funny and beautiful young woman and he somehow forgot how to use a phone. For two years...

As fate would have it, the two separately headed west to call the state of Colorado home. Or maybe Kyle followed? (Patty got there first.) After MUCH persistence Patty agreed to a lunch date with Kyle, who eventually proved he learned how to return phone calls. It was obvious from the couple’s “second first date” at Pizzeria Locale in Boulder that great things were in their future. What changed? Did Kyle finally grow up? Was it that Patty was once again a blonde? No one can say for sure, but the happy couple was engaged two years later.

Although the couple calls Boulder home today, their hearts reside in Michigan were St. Valentine brought them together.  Patty and Kyle are looking forward to celebrating the next chapter of their lives with you at their upcoming wedding in beautiful Empire, MI. Please join them for a wedding weekend filled with laughter, family, friends and love! 

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