Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Since the start of the New Year, we have started a fun new Cunningham family tradition. As a young couple with a lot of friends and family close by, it was shocking how little we actually saw our loved ones. Patty came across an article about a similar couple who started to invite friends and family over EVERY Friday night for meatballs.

That got me thinking, why not us? So #sundaynightspaghetti was born. Every Sunday, or at least every Sunday we are in town, friends and family come over to enjoy my "famous" spaghetti and my mothers "world famous" garlic bread. The spaghetti is good...but people come back for the garlic bread.

It has been a great experience for Patty and I to work together hosting people at our house. Most importantly, we get to use all of the great presents from our wedding. Each week we work together to give the apartment a quick clean, prep the food, get in a (minor) argument, and most importantly greet our guests and relax with friends. It has been such a pleasure to work together and bring our friends and family to the table and share a great meal.

Table is set.
If you are even in Boulder for the weekend, let us know and we will save a seat for you.


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