Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Favorite Day of the Year!

Only 10 days until my favorite day of the year - Bolder Boulder 10K! It's every Memorial Day, but that's not why it's my favorite. It's my favorite day because it's the largest, goofiest 10K in the country, it's right here in Boulder and the finish line is Colorado University's football stadium Folsom Field.

This year Kyle has been a patient and wonderful running partner helping to me ready for the big race. He is so sweet and never ditches me during the big day, although we both know he could. But that's not what Bolder Boulder is about for us. It's about family and enjoying the race, the fun of running next to people of all ages, bands, kissing elvis impersonators,  impromptu water slides, Doritos and water stations, and the gorgeous valley we call home.

I got my awesome "couch to 10K" training plan from TrainingPeaks (Kyle's work) and have been using a GPS app on my iphone called "Wahoo Fitness" to track my training runs. Farrah even comes along on the runs and has proven to be quick the little jogging dog!

This year my mom and little sister Greta are coming into town for the race too! Counting down the days...

xo Patty 

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