Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ann Arbor Bachelor Party Shenanigans

Kyle celebrated one of his last weekends as a free man with some male bonding with his closest friends in Ann Arbor, MI.  Kyle's brothers and groomsman Casey and Kevin hosted the weekend and made sure that party enjoyed all that Ann Arbor had to offer.
A great weekend had by all the men
The highlight of the weekend festivities was the Michigan-Ohio State football game, one of the best college rivalries. Other manly events over the weekend included paint ball warfare,  lots of great food (meat) and tons of sports! The group (surprisingly) was up early to kick off the Saturday tailgate at 8:00am.  Kyle's best friend from his college days, Drew, scored some great tickets and Kyle was able to enjoy a great game in the Big House.

A great weekend had by all, but Patty is confident her and her bridesmaids will blow this man-fest out of the water when they celebrate Patty's last hoorah as a single lady. Its weird Patty would want to celebrate being single when she wanted to marry Kyle the moment she met him, but oh well....have to keep tradition!

Go Blue!

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